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Turbo Analysis: Part One

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? And when I say beginning I mean Felix’s description to Calhoun, and the flashback scenes that went with. As Felix describes it, Turbotime was the arcade’s most popular game and Turbo “Loved the attention”. That does not necessarily mean he was a pompous jerk, it’s a possibility perhaps, but Felix doesn’t say it like that was the case. Now when Roadblasters was plugged in Felix says that Turbo got jealous and tried to take over the new game, but I’d like to analyze the flash back for a moment, because what I saw didn’t look like what was described.

So here we have two boys standing in front of Turbotime, one playing the other watching, most likely waiting for his turn. Next thing we know:

Both boys leave Turbotime and run straight over to the new game.

As Felix tells Calhoun that Turbo was jealous we get a shot of Turbo driving over a black screen with an angry look on his face as he’s looking over at the two boys and the new game. But as we had seen earlier Turbotime had some pretty impressive backgrounds for and 80s arcade game, so why is the screen black here? This looks suspiciously like a game over graphic to me. In case you’re not following the theory I’m throwing out here, this is what we’ve got so far:

Turbo was abandoned in the middle of a race. 

Nobody likes losing, and in Turbo’s world he needs gamers controlling him in order to win, so imagine how you’d feel if you suddenly went flying out of control, crashing, and losing because your partner suddenly ditched you?

Next Felix says Turbo abandoned his game and ‘tried to take over’ Roadblasters:

This is something that I think a lot of people missed, Turbo immediately went over to Roadblasters, and we can tell he did because those are the same two boys that had been playing his game moments before. And what is Turbo doing over in Roadblasters?

He’s causing the players to crash and ramming into them. I don’t know about you, but to me, this looks more like petty revenge for costing him the race than it looks like he’s trying to take over the new game, he certainly isn’t messing with it’s code trying to program himself into the game. He’s just keeping the gamers from winning like they had done to him. I doubt it was really his intention to get either game unplugged, just make those boys suffer for abandoning him.

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