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Why I’m not convinced Turbo is gone

We all know the scenes in the credits obviously take place after the movie, right? Why else would all the characters be hanging out together so casually and playing around in other games? Let me point out something to you.

That right there is King Candy’s hand. And what is he doing? Messing with codes. Now why would they include this scene in the credits which take place after the movie, if it didn’t mean that he was still out there somewhere?

I’m going to acknowledge the theory that King Candy was a real Sugar Rush character that Turbo stole the code from, and I’m going to rebuff that theory being the explanation here. If he were a real character, this would have been addressed in the movie, and he would most likely been seen hanging out with the other characters during the credits. Instead we have this one scene of just a glimpse of him hacking a game code.

Looks a tad suspicious doesn’t it?

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